Payment Method

If you like streetwear replica, then HypeUnique will be your best choice!
But you know that the payment method for replica products is always the most troublesome, so you must be aware of the payment methods we accept.
We will post the item on some trading platforms and send you a link with the same price as your order. It is worth mentioning that all the fees are our responsibility.

We now accept the following payment channels:

1: PayPal

After you submit the order, then close the payment page (we don’t have a credit card channel at the moment). You can contact us on the homepage, and we will send you our PayPal imformation. Once you pay, we will ship within 2 days.

2: Depop

After downloading Depop, we will post a transaction link to you. You can pay by credit card, paypal, etc. on it. If a refund is required, it can also be done on it.


Bump is also a trading platform, refer to our practice on DePop.

4: Facebook

Facebook has functions for payments and collections. Before that, you need to add me as a Facebook friend. I am very systematic about you adding my Facebook. In the future, we will share a lot of high-quality streetwear consultations and review videos on the Facebook page.

All transactions are built on mutual trust. As long as you trust me, I promise to give you the perfect service and the best product quality.